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Christmas Trees

Across the United States each holiday season, over 30 million real trees are harvested to decorate our homes for the holidays. Most of these trees are grown for this very purpose by thousands of private growers. Their hard work gives us the chance to keep up or to begin a wonderful family tradition.

Forestry Services encourages Oklahomans to support another of the state's agricultural industries by buying Oklahoma-grown trees. Buying a locally-grown tree makes sense and is a great family outing. This activity helps restore a connection with rural Oklahoma, a feeling many of us have lost in our urban society. It helps the economy. It creates a reason for landowners to plant more trees. Trees clean the air, produce oxygen, create wildlife habitat, control erosion and improve the view.

For an interactive map to help you find
a Christmas Tree Grower near you
 click here.

For information regarding the care of your Oklahoma Christmas Tree click here.

If you would like additional information on Oklahoma's Christmas Tree industry we recommend you contact the Oklahoma's Christmas Tree Growers Association or go to the association's website.