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Don't Move Firewood

                        Promise not to move firewood



Insects and diseases can live in firewood.  These insects and diseases can’t move far on their own, but when people move firewood over 50 miles they are also moving these tree-killers into new areas.  Introducing insects and diseases to new areas can result in the devastation of acres of trees.  Stop the spread of insects and diseases by buying firewood where you are going to burn it.  Promise not to move firewood!

Who Should Care?

Everyone who loves spending time in the outdoors, enjoys the trees in your area, or has trees on your property should be concerned about the potential for invasive pests and the damage they can do to the places where you love to spend time.

What Can I Do?

•  It's simple – don’t move firewood.  Buy it where you burn it.
 •  Spread the word – tell others about the danger of moving firewood.
 •  Burn all of your firewood before leaving your campsite.



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