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Landowner Registry and Directory

Landowners with Eastern Redcedar

This registry includes contact information of landowners with eastern redcedar who are wanting to have the material removed from their lands and would like to have the material utilized. If you are a landowner who's lands contain eastern redcedar and want to join the Eastern Redcedar Registry as a landowner please complete the online form below.

Landowners should be cautioned that not all cedar has value or will be wanted by producers. In those cases, consider 

Currently there are no grants available from Oklahoma Forestry Services to utilize these methods to clear lands of eastern redcedar.  Please contact your local Oklahoma Conservation District or NRCS office. 

Participation in the Eastern Redcedar Registry is voluntary. Information submitted will be included in the Registry directory and is made available to harvesters, producers of eastern redcedar products and the general public.

For a copy of the current Eastern Redcedar Registry's landowner directory

Directories are updated quarterly.


Eastern Redcedar Registry Application - Landowners

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