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2002 ERC Task Force

In response to the concerns expressed by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, the Oklahoma Grazing Lands Conservation Association and others over the impact of the rapid spread of eastern redcedar and other junipers across the landscape, Secretary of Agriculture Dennis Howard, in cooperation with Secretary of the Environment Brian Griffin, established the “Redcedar Task Force" in 2002.  Task Force members were selected from a list of state and local agencies and organizations that had already been involved with efforts to establish a “redcedar initiative.

The final strategy included a brief overview of the juniper problem and the committee reports with their specific recommendations. The strategy was intended to provide a blueprint for action and to be used to raise the awareness of key stakeholders and decision-makers in order to stimulate support for a comprehensive effort to slow and control the spread of junipers in Oklahoma, as well as to explore the potential for economic development using junipers as the raw material.