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Federal Excess Property Program

Federal Excess Property Program

In cooperation with the USDA, Forest Service, Oklahoma Forestry Services acquires federal property for use in its own fire suppression activities and to provide to rural fire departments for use in suppressing wildfires.  Much of this property was originally purchased by the Department of Defense (DOD).  

For rural fire departments such property can be a viable alternative to purchasing new equipment, especially for communities with little or no tax base. Federal property can be acquired under one of two distinct U.S. Forest Service programs - the Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP) and the Firefighter Property Program (FPP).


Since 1959, Oklahoma Forestry Services has been acquiring and placing FEPP with Fire Departments in Oklahoma. Any Oklahoma community, organized fire district, or fire department with an assigned or assumed fire suppression responsibility is eligible to receive federal excess property by agreeing to the terms of a Cooperative Fire Equipment Loan Agreement between the fire department and Oklahoma Forestry Services.


Beginning in 2007, OFS began acquiring excess Department of Defense property through the new Firefighter Property Program (FPP). The basic requirements to receive this property are the same as FEPP. Hower, once the equipment is placed in an operable state of service, OFS may pass title of the property to the cooperating fire department.

Upon receiving title, the fire department assumes ownership and must tag the vehicle just as if it were purchased. Unlike property acquired under FEPP, Federal Firefighter Program property may be sold by the fire department once it is no longer needed.

For more information on these programs contact our Community Fire Assistance Programs office at 405-288-2385.