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Online Wildfire Reporting System

Online Wildfire Reporting System

Welcome to the Oklahoma Forestry Services Fire Reporting System.

Our Fire Department Fire Reporting Web Application is designed to collect and compile records for Oklahoma's fire departments and provide a clearer picture of the state's fire situation including number of incidents, costs, severity, losses and threats.  Authorized users can use this website to enter run data (wildfires, structure fires, EMT runs, etc,), track equipment and personnel costs, and view submitted fire reports. All Oklahoma fire departments are eligible to use the system free of charge.

A secondary benefit of using this application is that it can be used to gather and assess information for individual and public assistance for a Federally declared disaster.  This process is typically both challenging and time-consuming for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Oklahoma Emergency Management, and other agencies. Incident information entered into the Fire Reporting System can easily be queried and summarized eliminating the need for additional paperwork on the part of the fire department.

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