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Firewise For Communities

Communities located in the wildland urban interface or, WUI for short, face special wildfire risks. Many of the subdivisions and small communities surrounding our urban centers are considered WUI areas.  Simply put, a WUI can be found anywhere the more manicured, controlled environment of the cities meets the countryside. In these areas, fires that start in the grass, brush and trees can quickly move into the fringes of the developed areas and burn down homes.

In worst case scenarios like Midwest City in 2009 or Oklahoma City/Edmond in 2011,
entire subdivisions can be impacted once a wildfire breaks into the community.

The Firewise program helps to educate local leaders in the WUI about proactive steps they can take to protect their communities. OFS encourages communities to participate in the Oklahoma Firewise program by offering grants and free community assistance. 



Many of Oklahoma's communities already are participating in the program.  To see if your community is a Firewise Community click here. 

For more information on Oklahoma's Firewise program or to find out how you or your community can participate, call our offices at 405-522-6158.