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How Can You Prepare for Wildfires

How Can You Prepare for Wildfires

Creating a Firewise home environment is an integral part of being  “Ready”. It involves understanding how a wildfire can impact your home, assessing your home for the hazards present, and proactively addressing these hazards to lower your wildfire  risk.

Components of your assessment should  include the construction materials used in your home and its design, your landscaping, the accessibility of your property to emergency personnel and your maintenance of a defensible space around your home. 


Being Firewise is a way of life. Living Firewise means you pay attention to the amount of vegetation and other flammable materials near, beside, above or beneath your home. Being Firewise means that you take proactive steps to protect your home when you recognize a dangerous accumulation of flammable materials. Thinking Firewise means that you give thought to the flammability of construction materials when you are building, expanding or remodeling your home.


Firewise is the way smart Oklahomans live. It’s the way they protect their family and property. 

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