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Forest Genetics and Tree Improvement

Genetic improvement of our loblolly and shortleaf pine species has focused on maximizing the productivity in the form of faster height and diameter growth, resistance to fusiform rust, stem straightness and drought tolerance. This improvement results in trees that develop faster to merchantable products, produce healthier stands with higher survival and stocking, and produce straighter boles that have better wood quality for higher value products like saw timber.

The trees included in Oklahoma's Forest Tree Improvement Program were selected because they exhibited superior traits and were known to be well adapted for planting here.  Seedlings produced from improved seed usually grow faster, have better form and produce more wood than unimproved seedlings with gains of 30 percent or higher estimated.

OFS is a member of the 

.  This program is a cooperative tree breeding project with the objective of providing the best genetic quality seed for use in forest regeneration programs.  Members include state agencies, industrial forestry companies and the US Forest Service.


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