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Tree and Forest Health

Forest and Woodland Management

The health of our state’s trees, forests and woodlands is important so that the environmental services they provide will be available to our citizens.  At OFS we conduct numerous activities and provide services protecting our forests from insects, disease and invasive species.

We direct and implement measures to prevent, retard, or suppress unwanted, native and nonnative invasive insects, pathogens, and plants affecting trees and forests.

We monitor the forests of our state by conducting periodic surveys of both public and private lands to determine detrimental changes or improvements to forest health that occur over time and report annually concerning such monitoring.

Our foresters provide technical assistance to evaluate the infestation and recommend practical, environmentally sound control measures.

This year we are monitoring the recovery of our trees and forests from last years extreme drought conditions.  Please help OFS by sending us information about what you are seeing in your yard, woodlot, forest or while driving. Your information is a huge help!!!

Tree/Forest Health Report - Request for Assistance

Please complete the following form. We would like to know your tree/forest health issues. Are your trees dying or looking poorly? We will be glad to have a forester meet with you.

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