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Issue Topic Issue Statement
Forest Sustainabilty and Health The productivity, health and environmental benefits of Oklahoma's diverse forest ecosystems are significantly threatened by many factors including but not limited to land-use changes, ecological pressures, economc issues and landowner and societal influences. 
Forest Economics and Markets Oklahoma's traditional forests markets are in a state of decline and non-traditional markets are underdeveloped, trends which are challenging landowners and communities who rely on those markets for jobs and economic growth.
Water Quality and Quantity

Water is a critical natural resource and an element that is essential to life.  Many human-related activities and other factors may adversely affect the sustainability, quality and availability of Oklahoma's water resources for present and future generations. 

Community Forests Health and Care The health and value of Oklahoma's community forests are not fully realized and provided for because there is a general lack of understanding, management, and conservation of this important resource. 
Wildfire Risks to the Forest Resource Wildfire presents a risk to Oklahoma's natural and community resources as well as public safety. 
Impacts of Climate Change on Oklahoma's Forest Resources Oklahoma's diverse forest ecosystems, ecosystem components and associated benefits will be affected by climate change.