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Public Input on Assessment Survey

We appreciate everyone who took the time to complete a survey and help us determine what some critical forest issues are around the state.  If you would like to view all of the comments made by Oklahoma's citizens, please click on link below.

Thank you for all your input and interest in Oklahoma's Forest Resources!!!

Survey Map

Click on the link below to view a map that illustrates the number of surveys submitted for each county in Oklahoma. 

6 Issues Identified for Oklahoma

Six critical issue topics were identified through survey inputs submitted from foresters, natural resource professionals, and the public.  A working group has been established for each issue topic to help write the issue description for the Forest Resource Assessment and to help determine goals and objectives to address the issues for the Strategy.  The six issue topics identified for our state are:

  • Forest Sustainability and Health
  • Forest Economics and Markets
  • Water Quantity and Quality
  • Community Forests Health and Care
  • Wildfire Risks to Oklahoma
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Oklahoma's Forest Resources

To learn more about the issues and working groups, visit