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OFS Headquarters (Oklahoma City)

Headquarters Contact Information 2800 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK  73105
phone 405-522-6158
fax 405-522-4583
Director/State Forester Mark Goeller
Executive Assistant to Director Ranae Moyer
Federal Grants Administrator Jason Molenda

Forest Management and Administration

Assistant Director/Forest Management Chief Scott Huff
Administrative Programs Officer Yuri DeLeon 
Forest Data Analyst Ryan Baldrachi
Forest Inventory & Analysis Coordinator Joshua Bradley
Forest Management/Health Dieter Rudolph
Forest Regeneration/Tree Improvement Jeri` Irby
Urban & Community Forestry Mark Bays
Water Quality Jason Whaley
Fire Management and Field Operations  
Assistant Director/Fire Management Chief Andy James
Fire Management Staff Drew Daily
Fire Management Staff Tom Murray
Safety Officer Rick O'Daniel
Community Fire Assistance Vacant
East Central Area Craig Marquardt
Northeast Area Craig Longshore
Southeast Area Brock Hill
Communications & Community Outreach  
Manager Suzanne McCombs
Public Information Officer Michelle Finch
Education Coordinator Mo Rice
Forest Heritage Center Museum Doug Zook