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Oklahoma's Forests

Many Oklahomans do not realize that more than twelve million acres (approximately 28 percent of the land) of our state is forested and the forest industry directly contributes over $3.3 billion to our state’s economy annually. Our forests provide numerous ecological services such as clean air and water, recreational opportunities, and scenic beauty.

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Who Owns Oklahoma's Forests?

The vast majority of Oklahoma’s forests (95% or more) are not owned by the federal government or large forest products companies, but instead by thousands of private individuals – from farmers and ranchers and those who still live on the land, to the teachers and professionals and other private citizens that reside in cities across the state or across the nation.

Care and Management is the Key

Oklahoma's forest is a huge asset to our state, the nation and the world. Proper care and management is essential. State and federal government, the forest industry, community leaders and thousands of private landowners working together help to keep our forests and woodlands healthy and productive.