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Oklahoma Forestry Services grows and sells seedlings for conservation purposes only. They cannot be resold as live plants. Violation of these conditions will result in a $50/tree penalty and/or loss of opportunity to purchase seedlings for up to 5 years. By purchasing these seedlings, you are accepting agreement of the above “Conditions of Sale.”

A minimum of 100 seedlings must be order per order. Bareroot seedlings come in bundles of 50. Seedlings may be picked up at Forest Regeneration Center (FRC) in Goldsby, OK or shipped FedEx for a fee (fee assessed by number of seedlings ordered at checkout). For more information please call FRC at 405-288-2385.

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Bare-Root Seedlings
1 Arborvitae
(Thuja orientalis)
15 Baldcypress
(Taxodium distichum)
50 Chokecherry
(Prunus virginiana L.)
69 Dogwood, roughleaf
(Cornus drummondii)
18 Hackberry
(Celtis occidentalis)
29 Lilac, Common
(Syringa vulgaris)
2 Locust, black
(Robinia pseudoacacia)
5 Mulberry, red
(Morus rubra)
83 Oak, blackjack
(Quercus marilandica)
17 Oak, bur
(Quercus macrocarpa)
64 Oak, chinkapin
(Quercus muehlenbergii)
62 Oak, sawtooth
(Quercus acutissima)
28 Oak, shumard
(Quercus shumardii)
72 Oak, white
(Quercus alba)
6 Osage Orange
(Maclura pomifera)
89OO Overcup Oak
(Quercus lyrata)
40 Pecan, native
(Carya illinoensis)
49 Persimmon
(Diospyros virginiana)
41 Plum, American
(Prunus americana)
42 Plum, sand
(Prunus angustifolia)
84 Post Oak
(Quercus stellata)
19 Redbud, eastern
(Cercis canadensis)
22f Sumac, Fragrant
(Rhus aromatica)
91s Sumac, smooth
(Rhus glabra)
92 Sweetgum
(Platanus occidentalis)
7 Sycamore
(Platanus occidentalis)
8 Walnut, black
(Juglans nigra)
Hardwood Super Cells
BJC Black Jack Oak Hardwood Super-Cells
(Quercus marilandica)
BOC Bur Oak Hardwood Super-Cells
(Quercus macrocarpa)
COC Chinkapin Oak Hardwood Super-Cells
(Quercus lyrata)
MC Mulberry Hardwood Super-Cells
(Morus rubra)
PecCon Pecan Hardwood Super-Cells
(Carya illinoensis)
PC Persimmon Hardwood Super-Cells
(Diopyros virginiana)
POC Post Oak Hardwood Super-Cells
(Quercus stellata)
RC Redbud Hardwood Super-Cells
(Cercis canadensis)
SOC Shumard Oak Hardwood Super-Cells
(Quercus shumardii)
VC Vitex Hardwood Super-Cells
(Vitex agnus-castus)
Evergreen Containerized Seedlings
D76 Cypress, Arizona
(Cupressus arizonica)
D21 Pine, loblolly
(Pinus taeda)
D54 Pine, Mondel
(Pinus eldarica )
D11 Pine, ponderosa
(Pinus ponderosa)
D48 Pine, Scotch
(Pinus sylvestris)
D23 Pine, shortleaf
(Pinus echinata)
D39 Pine, Virginia
(Pinus virginiana)
Conservation Packages
86 Deer Habitat Package
88 Rural Wildlife Package
89 Streambank Restoration Package
BOOK Forest Trees of Oklahoma Book
Bare-Root Conifers
21 Pine, loblolly
(Pinus taeda)
11 Pine, ponderosa
(Pinus ponderosa)
23 Pine, shortleaf
(Pinus echinata)
39 Pine, Virginia
(Pinus virginiana)