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Rural Fire Defense Program

Rural Fire Defense Program

Oklahoma has experienced a surge in home construction on its rural landscape and in its small towns and cities.  These areas of growth are referred to as the wildland/urban interface.  Residents within these areas are surrounded by fuels that, should they ignite, present a significant risk to their homes and property.   Most rural residents depend on their local volunteer fire departments to protect their property from loss.

There are over 900 volunteer fire departments in communities of less than 10,000 people in our state.  Since 1980, Oklahoma Forestry Services' Rural Fire Defense program has targeted these smaller communities and provided assistance to their fire departments with the goal to improve the capacity of local fire departments to provide safe and effective fire protection.

Oklahoma's Rural Fire Defense Program includes:

  • Technical advice and assistance provided through Rural Fire Coordinators;
  • Funding opportunities through Oklahoma's Operational Grant and 80/20 Grant programs;
  • Firefighter supplies and equipment through the Rural Fire Equipment Revolving Fund

To request local one-on-one assistance or more information please contact the Rural Fire Coordinator in your area or call our Community Fire Assistance Office at 405-288-2385.

All OFS Community Fire Assistance Programs are currently managed by:

Andy James, Fire Management Chief & Assistant Director
Oklahoma Forestry Services
Office 405-288-2385  Cell 405-823-6742