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OFS Prescribed Fire Assistance

Oklahoma Forestry Services encourages the use of prescribed burning where it is consistent with good forest resource management principles and practices and hazard reduction and mitigation activities that reduce the threat of wildfires.  If you need to conduct a prescribed fire OFS can help.

We currently offer the following on a fee basis:

  • Fireline Construction
  • Full Service Prescribed Burning (Turn-key) for individuals
  • Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Hazard Mitigation Burning


Eligible Landowners include:

  • Non-industrial private forest landowners with an approved Forest Stewardship plan or approved equivalent.
  • Communities that are participating in the Community Wildfire Protection Program (CWPP) or Firewise Program
  • Groups, partnerships, associations, trusts, corporations, and state or local government agency owning land (as long as there is no conflict with the primary purpose and other responsibilities of Oklahoma Forestry Services)

OFS foresters and fire professionals will work with
you to accomplish your land management objectives!

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