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Your Wildfire Risk

Your Wildfire Risk

Is your property in a condition that could survive a wildfire?
Could firefighters easily get to a wildfire on your property?

If the answer to these questions is no or I don’t know, your property may be at high risk for a wildfire, which would have real financial consequences for you, your family, and your neighbors, as well as for the long-term health of your watershed and the area’s ecology. The degree of wildfire risk depends on both the probability of an ignition (for example, from lightning or human activity) and the potential for damage or harm (such as loss of trees, homes, or even lives). Recognizing that you may have a high wildfire risk is the first step in doing something about it.

Introducing SouthWRAP!

The Southern Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (SouthWRAP) allows homeowners, community leaders, fire departments and decision-makers at all levels to work together to reduce wildfire risk threatening Oklahoma.  

SouthWRAP is easy to use and has applications for the homeowner, community leaders, and fire/emergency management specialists.

  • Public Viewer – Lets users zoom to a place of interest, explore map themes and identify wildfire risk for a specific location on the map

  • Professional Viewer – Supports the community wildfire protection planning needs of government officials, hazard-mitigation planners and wildland fire professionals.

  • Community Editor – Allows approved users to create and manage wildfire assessments at the community level

Click here to access SouthWRAP