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Oklahoma Tailgate Wildland Series

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What is the Tailgate Series? 

Our Tailgate Wildland Series is a compilation of brief, topic-driven training opportunities intended for fire departments and wildland agencies to facilitate informal training.  As the name suggests, these discussions can be conducted at an engine tailgate, in the fire house, or just about anywhere else. 


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October 2017
Duty, Respect & Integrity





May 2017

Mop Up

Jan. 2017

Fire Environment
Critical Fire Weather


Oct. 2016

Fire Environment


April 2016 

Fire Environment Fuels



July 2016

Fire Environment


January 2016

Heavy Equipment 


October 2015

Aviation Use


July 2015

Expanding Incidents



July 2015 Insert

80/20 Grants


April 2015

Urban Interface


April 2015 Insert

Operational Grants


January 2015

Engine Tactics


   1ST ISSUE    

October 2014   

Wildland Firefighting Basics